Hendrik aka. The Bread Code
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Hendrik aka. The Bread Code

Software engineer with a passion for baking bread. Originally from Hamburg, Germany.

There is nothing better than a warm bread with good salted butter. Since a child I have been enjoying freshly baked bread by my mother. After moving out and starting to buy my own bread, I realized that today’s bought bread has ingredients added that I never heard about.

I started to read about bread and decided to make my own one, with only 3 ingredients: Flour, water and salt. Being a software developer I try to be as scientific about it as possible, only adjusting one variable at the time. I like baking the same recipe over and over until it is on a level where I am happy. Baking after work is a great way for me to relax. In contrast to my daily software development I try to use as few tools as possible. This is because I really want to replicate how our ancestors used to bake traditionally.

Going back in time I had been obsessed with making pizza at home before I started baking bread. The knowledge I obtained from my baking journey helped me a lot to also elevate my pizza skills. Both products are very similar.

I in no way claim that all of the information here is scientifically correct. This is not a work of professional science, but more a work of my research over the years.

Find my recipes over at:

Happy baking.